Colonial Havana 3-string guitar
No history lesson on American music would be complete without a chapter about Cigar Box Guitars - particularly the 3 string guitars. Born in the deep South, these instruments are making a resurgence thanks to the Internet, Youtube, and some very talented individuals. 

No matter your taste in music, as a musician a three string guitar can add new dimensions to your repertoire.  From raw blues to rock to sparse soundscape, and everything in between.

Don't know what a 3-string guitar is?  Check this out:

We are hobby builders.  We began making these wonderful instruments for ourselves, then friends and family.  Soon we realized that a lot of folks liked what we were building and now spend our spare time making them for others.

At our small shop located in Melbourne, Florida we handcraft 3-string guitars and cigar box amps.  Built from quality parts and materials, one-at-a-time, we strive for a high level of craftsmanship in every build.  Our goal is to help "spread the music" by offering unique and affordable, quality instruments.

So now you're probably wondering, "Can I sing while I play a 3-string guitar?"
Sure!  You can stomp your foot and play a harp too if you like.  Watch this:
Thanks to HOLLOWBELLY for permission to use his video.  You can check out more of him here:
Thanks to John McNair at for the video.